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“Food is the cheapest Source of Happiness in the World.
It can brings atleast 3 smiles a Day.”

No.1 Youtuber from Gujarat.


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Do what You Love. Love what You Do.

Nikunj Vasoya is well known youtuber from a small village Khijadiya, Jamnagr, Gujarat, India. He is the Founder & CEO for the Worlds’ 1st Food & Travel Network from a village Known as Foodon TV Network which includes the Foodon TV Network, Street Food & Travel TV, Hindi Recipes , Cooking Indian Recipes and Travel Website ( Now all are the units of a company called “Foodon tv India Pvt. Ltd”).

The Foodon TV Network Founded in the year 2013 and today it has became one of the India’s leading food & Travel Network with over 1,20,000 viewers and around 10,000 readers daily in total for the 3 website and 5 youtube channels with around 125,000+ subscribers on YouTube channels. Now Foodon TV Network is offering it’s content in 3 Languages (English, Hindi and Gujarati).

One of the Foodon TV Network’s Channel is the biggest hit namely Street Food & Travel TV India got over 25 Millions views recently ( 14 Millions Last Year) and Now has over 36 Million Views in Total. Channels like Foodon TV Network and Crazy for Indian Food are also very well know among the Food Lovers.

He is still living and operating Foodon TV Network from the village Khijadiya where the world famous Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is Located. Wildlife Photography and Bird watching has became his hobby since early childhood days. He is also providing guidance to the visitor and nature lover coming to the Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary without any monetary compensation just for the betterment of the Nature and Wildlife. Now Foodon TV company is providing employment for 6 and in future it will be bigger and better because of High Growth Rate YOY 75%. (256.4% in 2016)

Nikunj Vasoya currently working as Filmmaker, Photographer, Chef, Traveler, Writer, Host and Producer for the Foodon TV Network.


Got Primary Education at Khijadiya Village Primary School and High School at Vinay Mandir, Dhunvav. He went to SVET Collage for his B.com. Finally he moved to Rajkot for his CS and completed Executive Level but before appearing for Company Secretary Final he quit studying and became a full time Youtuber. ( Institute of Company Secretaries of India, Delhi).

Indian Wildlife Photographer

Nikunj Vasoya At Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary.

The Beautiful Khijadia Bird Sanctuary & Nikunj Vasoya.

Nikunj Vasoya At Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary.

Nikunj Vasoya on His weekly visit at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary.

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  3. Nikunjbhai,you are really inspiration for lots of youth.actually rural india needs youth like you.i also know cooking and on the way to become youtuber,already blogger.

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